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The setuptools package creator for More...


class  setup::my_egg_info
class  setup::my_py2exe


namespace  setup


def setup::listdirectory


string setup::__author__ = 'ThorN, xlr8or'
string setup::__version__ = '2.3'
 setup::has_py2exe = True
string setup::b3version = "1.9.0b2"
dictionary setup::cmdclass
list setup::py2exe_dataFiles
string setup::name = "b3"
 setup::version = b3version,
list setup::setup_requires = ['nose>=1.0', 'nose-exclude', 'mockito', 'pysqlite']
tuple setup::packages = find_packages()
dictionary setup::extras_require = { 'mysql' : 'MySQL-python' }
dictionary setup::package_data
 setup::zip_safe = False,
string setup::author = 'Michael Thornton (ThorN), Tim ter Laak (ttlogic), Mark Weirath (xlr8or), Thomas Leveil (Courgette)'
string setup::author_email = "[email protected]"
string setup::description = "BigBrotherBot (B3) is a cross-platform, cross-game game administration bot. Features in-game administration of game servers, multiple user access levels, and database storage. Currently include parsers for Call of Duty 1 to 7, Urban Terror (ioUrT), World of Padman, ETpro, Smokin' Guns, BFBC2, MOH, HomeFront, Open Arena, Altitude etc."
string setup::long_description
string setup::license = "GPL"
string setup::url = ""
dictionary setup::entry_points
list setup::classifiers
list setup::console
string setup::zipfile = "b3.lib"
dictionary setup::options

Detailed Description

The setuptools package creator for

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