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b3::lib::runsnakerun::memdumploader Namespace Reference


class  MemDumpLoader
class  BaseStat
class  PStatRow
class  PStatGroup
class  PStatLocation


tuple log = logging.getLogger( 'runsnake.memdumploader' )
tuple p = PStatsLoader( sys.argv[1] )

Detailed Description

Module to load py_mem_dump records into RunSnakeRun


Produces memory overviews very similar to the run-time overviews
of cProfile.  This module maps the memory-dump information into
the recursive records that RunSnakeRun needs to display properly.

Variable Documentation

tuple b3::lib::runsnakerun::memdumploader::log = logging.getLogger( 'runsnake.memdumploader' )
tuple b3::lib::runsnakerun::memdumploader::p = PStatsLoader( sys.argv[1] )
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