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xlrstats::WeaponStats Class Reference

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Static Public Attributes

 id = None
string name = ''
int kills = 0
int suicides = 0
int teamkills = 0

Private Member Functions

def _insertquery
def _updatequery

Static Private Attributes

string _table = 'weaponstats'

Member Function Documentation

def xlrstats::WeaponStats::_insertquery (   self) [private]

Reimplemented from xlrstats::StatObject.

def xlrstats::WeaponStats::_updatequery (   self) [private]

Reimplemented from xlrstats::StatObject.

Member Data Documentation

string xlrstats::WeaponStats::_table = 'weaponstats' [static, private]

Reimplemented from xlrstats::StatObject.

xlrstats::WeaponStats::id = None [static]
int xlrstats::WeaponStats::kills = 0 [static]
string xlrstats::WeaponStats::name = '' [static]

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