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tests::parsers::frostbite::test_abstractParser::Map_related_TestCase Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for tests::parsers::frostbite::test_abstractParser::Map_related_TestCase:
tests::parsers::frostbite::test_abstractParser::AbstractParser_TestCase tests::parsers::frostbite::test_abstractParser::AbstractParser_TestCase

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Public Member Functions

def setUp
def setUp

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple maps
list map_indices = [1, 2]

Detailed Description

Test case that controls replies given by the parser write method as follow :

## mapList.list
Responds with the maps found on test class properties 'maps'.
Response contains 5 maps at most ; to get other maps, you have to use the 'StartOffset' command parameter that appears
from BF3 R12 release.

## mapList.getMapIndices
Responds with the value of the test class property 'map_indices'.

## getEasyName
Responds with whatever argument was passed to it.

## getGameMode
Responds with whatever argument was passed to it.

Member Function Documentation

def tests::parsers::frostbite::test_abstractParser::Map_related_TestCase::setUp (   self)
def tests::parsers::frostbite::test_abstractParser::Map_related_TestCase::setUp (   self)

Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
        ('MP_001 ', 'ConquestLarge0', '2'),
        ('MP_002 ', 'Rush0', '2'),
        ('MP_003 ', 'ConquestLarge0', '2'),

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