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teamspeakbf::ServerQuery Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def connect
def disconnect
def escaping2string
def string2escaping
def command

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Static Public Attributes

tuple TSRegex = re.compile(r"(\w+)=(.*?)(\s|$|\|)")

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def teamspeakbf::ServerQuery::__init__ (   self,
  ip = '',
  query = 10011 
This class contains functions to connecting a TS3 Query Port and send
@param ip: IP adress of the TS3 Server
@type ip: str
@param query: Query Port of the TS3 Server. Default 10011
@type query: int

Reimplemented in teamspeakbf::ServerNotification.

Member Function Documentation

def teamspeakbf::ServerQuery::command (   self,
  parameter = {},
  option = [] 
Send a command with paramters and options to the TS3 Query.
@param cmd: The command who wants to send.
@type cmd: str
@param parameter: A dict with paramters and value.
Example: sid=2 --> {'sid':'2'}
@type cmd: dict
@param option: A list with options. Example: ´┐Żuid --> ['uid']
@type option: list
@return: The answer of the server as tulpe with error code and message.
def teamspeakbf::ServerQuery::connect (   self)
Open a link to the Teamspeak 3 query port
@return: A tulpe with a error code. Example: ('error', 0, 'ok')
def teamspeakbf::ServerQuery::disconnect (   self)
Close the link to the Teamspeak 3 query port
@return: ('error', 0, 'ok')
def teamspeakbf::ServerQuery::escaping2string (   self,
Convert the escaping string form the TS3 Query to a human string.
@param string: A string form the TS3 Query with ecaping.
@type string: str
@return: A human string with out escaping.
def teamspeakbf::ServerQuery::string2escaping (   self,
Convert a human string to a TS3 Query Escaping String.
@param string: A normal/human string.
@type string: str
@return: A string with escaping of TS3 Query.

Member Data Documentation

tuple teamspeakbf::ServerQuery::TSRegex = re.compile(r"(\w+)=(.*?)(\s|$|\|)") [static]

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