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b3::parsers::frostbite2::abstractParser::AbstractParser Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for b3::parsers::frostbite2::abstractParser::AbstractParser:
b3::parser::Parser b3::parser::Parser b3::parsers::bf3::Bf3Parser b3::parsers::bf3::Bf3Parser

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Static Public Attributes

 gameName = None
 OutputClass = FrostbiteRcon
tuple frostbite_event_queue = Queue.Queue(400)
tuple sayqueue = Queue.Queue(100)
 sayqueuelistener = None

Static Private Attributes

 _serverConnection = None
int _nbConsecutiveConnFailure = 0
tuple _reColor = re.compile(r'(\^[0-9])')
dictionary _settings
tuple _gameServerVars = ()
dictionary _commands
dictionary _eventMap

Detailed Description

An abstract base class to help with developing frostbite2 parsers

Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
        'message': ('admin.say', '%(message)s', 'all', '%(cid)s'), # TODO : send private messages when available
        'saySquad': ('admin.say', '%(message)s', 'squad', '%(teamId)s', '%(squadId)s'),
        'sayTeam': ('admin.say', '%(message)s', 'team', '%(teamId)s'),
        'say': ('admin.say', '%(message)s', 'all'),
        'kick': ('admin.kickPlayer', '%(cid)s', '%(reason)s'),
        'ban': ('banList.add', 'guid', '%(guid)s', 'perm', '%(reason)s'),
        'banByIp': ('banList.add', 'ip', '%(ip)s', 'perm', '%(reason)s'),
        'unban': ('banList.remove', 'guid', '%(guid)s'),
        'unbanByIp': ('banList.remove', 'ip', '%(ip)s'),
        'tempban': ('banList.add', 'guid', '%(guid)s', 'seconds', '%(duration)d', '%(reason)s'),

Reimplemented from b3::parser::Parser.

Initial value:
tuple b3::parsers::frostbite2::abstractParser::AbstractParser::_reColor = re.compile(r'(\^[0-9])') [static, private]

Reimplemented from b3::parser::Parser.

Initial value:
        'line_length': 128,
        'min_wrap_length': 128,
        'message_delay': .8,

Reimplemented from b3::parser::Parser.

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