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b3::lib::statlib::matfunc::Square Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for b3::lib::statlib::matfunc::Square:
b3::lib::statlib::matfunc::Matrix b3::lib::statlib::matfunc::Table b3::lib::statlib::matfunc::Triangular b3::lib::statlib::matfunc::LowerTri b3::lib::statlib::matfunc::UpperTri

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Public Member Functions

def lu
def __pow__
def det
def inverse
def hessenberg
def eigs

Member Function Documentation

def b3::lib::statlib::matfunc::Square::__pow__ (   self,
def b3::lib::statlib::matfunc::Square::det (   self)
def b3::lib::statlib::matfunc::Square::eigs (   self)
def b3::lib::statlib::matfunc::Square::hessenberg (   self)
Householder reduction to Hessenberg Form (zeroes below the diagonal)
while keeping the same eigenvalues as self.
def b3::lib::statlib::matfunc::Square::inverse (   self)
def b3::lib::statlib::matfunc::Square::lu (   self)

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