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b3::lib::sourcelib::SourceRcon::SourceRcon Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def disconnect
def connect
def send
def receive
def rcon

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Detailed Description

Example usage:

   import SourceRcon
   server = SourceRcon.SourceRcon('', 27015, 'secret')
   print server.rcon('cvarlist')

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def b3::lib::sourcelib::SourceRcon::SourceRcon::__init__ (   self,
  port = 27015,
  password = '',
  timeout = 1.0 

Member Function Documentation

def b3::lib::sourcelib::SourceRcon::SourceRcon::connect (   self)
Connect to the server. Should only be used internally.
def b3::lib::sourcelib::SourceRcon::SourceRcon::disconnect (   self)
Disconnect from the server.
def b3::lib::sourcelib::SourceRcon::SourceRcon::rcon (   self,
Send RCON command to the server. Connect and auth if necessary,
   handle dropped connections, send command and return reply.
def b3::lib::sourcelib::SourceRcon::SourceRcon::receive (   self)
Receive a reply from the server. Should only be used internally.
def b3::lib::sourcelib::SourceRcon::SourceRcon::send (   self,
Send command and message to the server. Should only be used internally.

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