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b3::lib::argparse::Action Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for b3::lib::argparse::Action:
b3::lib::argparse::_AttributeHolder b3::lib::argparse::_AppendAction b3::lib::argparse::_AppendConstAction b3::lib::argparse::_CountAction b3::lib::argparse::_HelpAction b3::lib::argparse::_StoreAction b3::lib::argparse::_StoreConstAction b3::lib::argparse::_SubParsersAction b3::lib::argparse::_SubParsersAction::_ChoicesPseudoAction b3::lib::argparse::_VersionAction

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __call__

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Private Member Functions

def _get_kwargs

Detailed Description

Information about how to convert command line strings to Python objects.

Action objects are used by an ArgumentParser to represent the information
needed to parse a single argument from one or more strings from the
command line. The keyword arguments to the Action constructor are also
all attributes of Action instances.

Keyword Arguments:

    - option_strings -- A list of command-line option strings which
        should be associated with this action.

    - dest -- The name of the attribute to hold the created object(s)

    - nargs -- The number of command-line arguments that should be
        consumed. By default, one argument will be consumed and a single
        value will be produced.  Other values include:
            - N (an integer) consumes N arguments (and produces a list)
            - '?' consumes zero or one arguments
            - '*' consumes zero or more arguments (and produces a list)
            - '+' consumes one or more arguments (and produces a list)
        Note that the difference between the default and nargs=1 is that
        with the default, a single value will be produced, while with
        nargs=1, a list containing a single value will be produced.

    - const -- The value to be produced if the option is specified and the
        option uses an action that takes no values.

    - default -- The value to be produced if the option is not specified.

    - type -- The type which the command-line arguments should be converted
        to, should be one of 'string', 'int', 'float', 'complex' or a
        callable object that accepts a single string argument. If None,
        'string' is assumed.

    - choices -- A container of values that should be allowed. If not None,
        after a command-line argument has been converted to the appropriate
        type, an exception will be raised if it is not a member of this

    - required -- True if the action must always be specified at the
        command line. This is only meaningful for optional command-line

    - help -- The help string describing the argument.

    - metavar -- The name to be used for the option's argument with the
        help string. If None, the 'dest' value will be used as the name.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def b3::lib::argparse::Action::__init__ (   self,
  nargs = None,
  const = None,
  default = None,
  type = None,
  choices = None,
  required = False,
  help = None,
  metavar = None 

Member Function Documentation

def b3::lib::argparse::Action::_get_kwargs (   self) [private]

Member Data Documentation

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