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b3::parsers::moh::MohParser Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for b3::parsers::moh::MohParser:
b3::parsers::frostbite::abstractParser::AbstractParser b3::parser::Parser

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Public Member Functions

def startup
def pluginsStarted
def checkVersion
def getClient
def getHardName
def getEasyName
def getServerVars
def getTeam
def OnPlayerSpawn
def OnPlayerTeamchange
def tempban
def ban
def rotateMap
def changeMap

Static Public Attributes

string gameName = 'moh'

Static Private Attributes

tuple _gameServerVars

Member Function Documentation

def b3::parsers::moh::MohParser::ban (   self,
  reason = '',
  admin = None,
  silent = False,
Permanent ban

Reimplemented from b3::parsers::frostbite::abstractParser::AbstractParser.

def b3::parsers::moh::MohParser::changeMap (   self,
Change to the given map

1) determine the level name
    If map is of the form 'mp_001' and 'Kaboul' is a supported
    level for the current game mod, then this level is loaded.
    In other cases, this method assumes it is given a 'easy map name' (like
    'Port Valdez') and it will do its best to find the level name that seems
    to be for 'Port Valdez' within the supported levels.

    If no match is found, then instead of loading the map, this method 
    returns a list of candidate map names
2) if we got a level name
    if the level is not in the current rotation list, then add it to 
    the map list and load it

Reimplemented from b3::parser::Parser.

def b3::parsers::moh::MohParser::checkVersion (   self)
def b3::parsers::moh::MohParser::getClient (   self,
  _guid = None 
Get a connected client from storage or create it
B3 CID   <--> MoH character name
B3 GUID  <--> MoH EA_guid

Reimplemented from b3::parsers::frostbite::abstractParser::AbstractParser.

def b3::parsers::moh::MohParser::getEasyName (   self,
Change levelname to real name 
def b3::parsers::moh::MohParser::getHardName (   self,
Change real name to level name 
def b3::parsers::moh::MohParser::getServerVars (   self)
Update the game property from server fresh data

Reimplemented from b3::parsers::frostbite::abstractParser::AbstractParser.

def b3::parsers::moh::MohParser::getTeam (   self,
convert MOH team numbers to B3 team numbers

Reimplemented from b3::parsers::frostbite::abstractParser::AbstractParser.

def b3::parsers::moh::MohParser::OnPlayerSpawn (   self,
Request:  player.onSpawn <soldier name: string> <kit: string> <weapon: string> <specializations: 3 x string>

Reimplemented from b3::parsers::frostbite::abstractParser::AbstractParser.

def b3::parsers::moh::MohParser::OnPlayerTeamchange (   self,
player.onTeamChange <soldier name: player name> <team: Team ID>
Effect: Player might have changed team
def b3::parsers::moh::MohParser::pluginsStarted (   self)
Called after the parser loaded and started all plugins. 
Overwrite this in parsers to take actions once plugins are ready

Reimplemented from b3::parser::Parser.

def b3::parsers::moh::MohParser::rotateMap (   self)
Load the next map (not level). If the current game mod plays each level twice
to get teams the chance to play both sides, then this rotate a second
time to really switch to the next map

Reimplemented from b3::parser::Parser.

def b3::parsers::moh::MohParser::startup (   self)
Called after the parser is created before run(). Overwrite this
for anything you need to initialize you parser with.

Reimplemented from b3::parsers::frostbite::abstractParser::AbstractParser.

def b3::parsers::moh::MohParser::tempban (   self,
  reason = '',
  duration = 2,
  admin = None,
  silent = False,
tempban a given player on the game server and in case of success
fire the event ('EVT_CLIENT_BAN_TEMP', data={'reason': reason, 
'duration': duration, 'admin': admin}, client=target)

Reimplemented from b3::parsers::frostbite::abstractParser::AbstractParser.

Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
        'serverName', # vars.serverName [name] Set the server name 
        'gamePassword', # vars.gamePassword [password] Set the game password for the server 
        'punkBuster', # vars.punkBuster [enabled] Set if the server will use PunkBuster or not 
        'hardCore', # vars.hardCore[enabled] Set hardcore mode 
        'ranked', # vars.ranked [enabled] Set ranked or not 
        'skillLimit', # vars.skillLimit [lower, upper] Set the skill limits allowed on to the server 
        'noUnlocks', # vars.noUnlocks [enabled] Set if unlocks should be disabled 
        'noAmmoPickups', # vars.noAmmoPickups [enabled] Set if pickups should be disabled 
        'realisticHealth', # vars.realisticHealth [enabled] Set if health should be realistic 
        'supportAction', # vars.supportAction [enabled] Set if support action should be enabled 
        'preRoundLimit', # vars.preRoundLimit [upper, lower] Set pre round limits. Setting both to zero means the game uses whatever settings are used on the specific levels. On ranked servers, the lowest values allowed are lower = 2 and upper = 4.
        'roundStartTimerPlayersLimit', # vars.roundStartTimerPlayersLimit [limit] Get/Set the number of players that need to spawn on each team for the round start timer to start counting down.
        'roundStartTimerDelay', # vars.roundStartTimerDelay [delay] If set to other than -1, this value overrides the round start delay set on the individual levels.
        'tdmScoreCounterMaxScore', # vars.tdmScoreCounterMaxScore [score] If set to other than -1, this value overrides the score needed to win a round of Team Assault, Sector Control or Hot Zone. 
        'clanTeams', # vars.clanTeams [enabled] Set if clan teams should be used 
        'friendlyFire', # vars.friendlyFire [enabled] Set if the server should allow team damage 
        'currentPlayerLimit', # vars.currentPlayerLimit Retrieve the current maximum number of players 
        'maxPlayerLimit', # vars.maxPlayerLimit Retrieve the server-enforced maximum number of players 
        'playerLimit', # vars.playerLimit [nr of players] Set desired maximum number of players 
        'bannerUrl', # vars.bannerUrl [url] Set banner url 
        'serverDescription', # vars.serverDescription [description] Set server description 
        'noCrosshairs', # vars.noCrosshairs [enabled] Set if crosshairs for all weapons is hidden
        'noSpotting', # vars.noSpotting [enabled] Set if spotted targets are disabled in the 3d-world 
        'teamKillCountForKick', # vars.teamKillCountForKick [count] Set number of teamkills allowed during a round 
        'teamKillValueForKick', # vars.teamKillValueForKick [count] Set max kill-value allowed for a player before he/she is kicked 
        'teamKillValueIncrease', # vars.teamKillValueIncrease [count] Set kill-value increase for a teamkill 
        'teamKillValueDecreasePerSecond', # vars.teamKillValueDecreasePerSecond [count] Set kill-value decrease per second
        'idleTimeout', # vars.idleTimeout [time] Set idle timeout vars.profanityFilter [enabled] Set if profanity filter is enabled

Reimplemented from b3::parsers::frostbite::abstractParser::AbstractParser.

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