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b3::parsers::homefront::protocol::Packet Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def encode
def decode
def decodeIncomingPacketSize
def getMessageTypeAsStr
def getChannelTypeAsStr
def __str__

Static Public Attributes

 message = None
 Message Type type: 8-bit char[] byte length : 2.
 channel = None
 data = None
 Message Type type: 8-bit byte byte length : 1.

Member Function Documentation

def b3::parsers::homefront::protocol::Packet::__str__ (   self)
def b3::parsers::homefront::protocol::Packet::decode (   self,
def b3::parsers::homefront::protocol::Packet::decodeIncomingPacketSize (   packet)
def b3::parsers::homefront::protocol::Packet::encode (   self)
def b3::parsers::homefront::protocol::Packet::getChannelTypeAsStr (   self)
def b3::parsers::homefront::protocol::Packet::getMessageTypeAsStr (   self)

Member Data Documentation

Message Type type: 8-bit byte byte length : 1.

Data length type: 32-bit signed int (big-endian) byte 4 Data type: 8-bit char[N] byte length : N

Message Type type: 8-bit char[] byte length : 2.

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