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b3::functions Namespace Reference


class  TestSpliDSN
class  TestFuzziGuidMatch
class  TestMinutes2int
class  TestTime2minutes
class  TestCheckUpdate


def getModule
def checkUpdate
def main_is_frozen
def splitDSN
def confirm
def minutes2int
def time2minutes
def minutesStr
def vars2printf
def levenshteinDistance
def soundex
def fuzzyGuidMatch
def sanitizeMe
def executeSql


string __author__ = 'ThorN, xlr8or'
string __version__ = '1.3.3'
 url from where we can get the latest B3 version number
tuple mytests = unittest.TestLoader()

Function Documentation

def b3::functions::checkUpdate (   currentVersion,
  singleLine = True,
  showErrormsg = False 
check if an update of B3 is available
def b3::functions::confirm (   client)
def b3::functions::executeSql (   db,
see if functions.executeSQL() and storage.DatabaseStorage.queryFromFile() can be combined.
This method executes an external sql file on the current database
A similar function can be found in storage.DatabaseStorage.queryFromFile()
This one returns if a file is not found.
def b3::functions::fuzzyGuidMatch (   a,
def b3::functions::getModule (   name)
def b3::functions::levenshteinDistance (   a,
def b3::functions::main_is_frozen ( )
detect if b3 is running from b3_run.exe
def b3::functions::minutes2int (   mins)
def b3::functions::minutesStr (   timeStr)
def b3::functions::sanitizeMe (   s)
def b3::functions::soundex (   str)
Return the soundex value to a string argument.
def b3::functions::splitDSN (   url)
def b3::functions::time2minutes (   timeStr)
def b3::functions::vars2printf (   inputStr)

Variable Documentation

string b3::functions::__author__ = 'ThorN, xlr8or'
string b3::functions::__version__ = '1.3.3'
tuple b3::functions::mytests = unittest.TestLoader()
string b3::functions::URL_B3_LATEST_VERSION = ''

url from where we can get the latest B3 version number

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