BigBrotherBot v1.6.1
System Development Information for the BigBrotherBot project.

Todo List

Member b3::config::CfgConfigParser::getpath
Use actual module path

Member b3::extplugins::xlrstats::XlrstatsPlugin::updateTableColumns
: add mysql condition

Member b3::functions::executeSql
see if functions.executeSQL() and storage.DatabaseStorage.queryFromFile() can be combined.

Member b3::parsers::homefront::HomefrontParser::message
Change private messages when the rcon protocol will allow us to

Member b3::parsers::homefront::HomefrontParser::unban
Need to test response from the server

Member b3::setup::Setup::_PBSupportedParsers
bfbc2 and moh need to be added later when parsers correctly implemented pb.
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