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b3::plugins::publist::PublistPlugin Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def onLoadConfig
def onStartup
def onEvent
def removeCrontab
def shutdown
def update
def sendInfo
def sendInfoToMaster

Static Public Attributes

 requiresConfigFile = False

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

 _cronTab = None
string _url = ''
 _secondUrl = None
 _heartbeat_sent = False
int _initial_heartbeat_delay_minutes = 5

Member Function Documentation

def b3::plugins::publist::PublistPlugin::onEvent (   self,
Called by B3 when a registered event is encountered. You must overwrite
this to intercept events.

Reimplemented from b3::plugin::Plugin.

def b3::plugins::publist::PublistPlugin::onLoadConfig (   self)
This is called after loadConfig(). Any plugin private variables loaded
from the config need to be reset here.

Reimplemented from b3::plugin::Plugin.

def b3::plugins::publist::PublistPlugin::onStartup (   self)
Called after the plugin is created before it is started. Overwrite this
for anything you need to initialize you plugin with.

Reimplemented from b3::plugin::Plugin.

def b3::plugins::publist::PublistPlugin::removeCrontab (   self)
def b3::plugins::publist::PublistPlugin::sendInfo (   self,
  info = {} 
def b3::plugins::publist::PublistPlugin::sendInfoToMaster (   self,
  info = {} 
def b3::plugins::publist::PublistPlugin::shutdown (   self)
Send a shutdown heartbeat to B3 master server
def b3::plugins::publist::PublistPlugin::update (   self)
send an upate heartbeat to B3 master server

Member Data Documentation

string b3::plugins::publist::PublistPlugin::_url = '' [static, private]

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