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b3::plugins::cod7http::Cod7HttpPlugin Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def onLoadConfig
def initThread
def onStartup
def httpThreadalive
def writeCompletelog
def processData

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 requiresConfigFile = False
string lastlines = ''
 httpthreadinst = None

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

string _timeout_url = ''
int _default_timeout = 5
 _logAppend = True

Detailed Description

Downloads and appends the remote game log file for CoD7 to a local
log file from a http location given by GSP.

Member Function Documentation

def b3::plugins::cod7http::Cod7HttpPlugin::httpThreadalive (   self)
Test whether processData thread is still running.
def b3::plugins::cod7http::Cod7HttpPlugin::initThread (   self)
Starts a thread for cod7http plugin.
def b3::plugins::cod7http::Cod7HttpPlugin::onLoadConfig (   self)
This is called after loadConfig(). Any plugin private variables loaded
from the config need to be reset here.

Reimplemented from b3::plugin::Plugin.

def b3::plugins::cod7http::Cod7HttpPlugin::onStartup (   self)
Sets and loads config values from the main config file.

Reimplemented from b3::plugin::Plugin.

def b3::plugins::cod7http::Cod7HttpPlugin::processData (   self)
Main method for plugin. It's processed by initThread method.
def b3::plugins::cod7http::Cod7HttpPlugin::writeCompletelog (   self,
Will restart writing the local log when bot started for the first time
or if last line cannot be found in remote chunk

Member Data Documentation

string b3::plugins::cod7http::Cod7HttpPlugin::_timeout_url = '' [static, private]

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