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b3::parsers::cod4::Cod4Parser Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for b3::parsers::cod4::Cod4Parser:
b3::parsers::cod2::Cod2Parser b3::parsers::cod::CodParser b3::parsers::q3a::abstractParser::AbstractParser b3::parser::Parser b3::parsers::cod6::Cod6Parser

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Public Member Functions

def OnK
def unban
def sync
def authorizeClients

Static Public Attributes

string gameName = 'cod4'
 IpsOnly = False

Static Private Attributes

int _guidLength = 32
tuple _regPlayer = re.compile(r'^(?P<slot>[0-9]+)\s+(?P<score>[0-9-]+)\s+(?P<ping>[0-9]+)\s+(?P<guid>[a-z0-9]+)\s+(?P<name>.*?)\s+(?P<last>[0-9]+)\s+(?P<ip>[0-9.]+):(?P<port>[0-9-]+)\s+(?P<qport>[0-9-]+)\s+(?P<rate>[0-9]+)$', re.I)

Member Function Documentation

def b3::parsers::cod4::Cod4Parser::authorizeClients (   self)
For all connected players, fill the client object with properties allowing to find 
the user in the database (usualy guid, or punkbuster id, ip) and call the 
Client.auth() method 

Reimplemented from b3::parsers::cod::CodParser.

def b3::parsers::cod4::Cod4Parser::OnK (   self,
  match = None 

Reimplemented from b3::parsers::cod::CodParser.

def b3::parsers::cod4::Cod4Parser::sync (   self)
For all connected players returned by self.getPlayerList(), get the matching Client
object from self.clients (with self.clients.getByCID(cid) or similar methods) and
look for inconsistencies. If required call the client.disconnect() method to remove
a client from self.clients.
This is mainly useful for games where clients are identified by the slot number they
occupy. On map change, a player A on slot 1 can leave making room for player B who
connects on slot 1.

Reimplemented from b3::parsers::cod::CodParser.

def b3::parsers::cod4::Cod4Parser::unban (   self,
  reason = '',
  admin = None,
  silent = False,
unban a given player

Reimplemented from b3::parsers::cod::CodParser.

Member Data Documentation

int b3::parsers::cod4::Cod4Parser::_guidLength = 32 [static, private]

Reimplemented from b3::parsers::cod::CodParser.

Reimplemented in b3::parsers::cod6::Cod6Parser.

tuple b3::parsers::cod4::Cod4Parser::_regPlayer = re.compile(r'^(?P<slot>[0-9]+)\s+(?P<score>[0-9-]+)\s+(?P<ping>[0-9]+)\s+(?P<guid>[a-z0-9]+)\s+(?P<name>.*?)\s+(?P<last>[0-9]+)\s+(?P<ip>[0-9.]+):(?P<port>[0-9-]+)\s+(?P<qport>[0-9-]+)\s+(?P<rate>[0-9]+)$', re.I) [static, private]

Reimplemented from b3::parsers::cod::CodParser.

Reimplemented in b3::parsers::cod6::Cod6Parser.

string b3::parsers::cod4::Cod4Parser::gameName = 'cod4' [static]

Reimplemented from b3::parsers::cod2::Cod2Parser.

Reimplemented in b3::parsers::cod6::Cod6Parser.

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