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b3::setup::Setup Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def runSetup
def load_template
def read_element
def read_plugins
def add_explanation
def add_buffer
def writebuffer
def equaLize
def add_set
def add_plugin
def raw_default
def clearscreen
def backupFile
def introduction
def testExit
def executeSql
def getB3Path
def getAbsolutePath
def url2name
def download
def extract

Public Attributes


Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

tuple _pver = sys.version.split()
string _indentation = ' '
string _config = 'b3/conf/b3.xml'
string _template = ''
string _buffer = ''
int _equaLength = 15
list _PBSupportedParsers = ['cod','cod2','cod4','cod5', 'cod6', 'cod7']
list _frostBite = ['bfbc2', 'moh']

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def b3::setup::Setup::__init__ (   self,
  config = None 

Member Function Documentation

def b3::setup::Setup::add_buffer (   self,
  autowrite = True 
Add a line to the output buffer 
def b3::setup::Setup::add_explanation (   self,
Add an explanation to the question asked by the setup procedure 
def b3::setup::Setup::add_plugin (   self,
  explanation = None,
  default = "yes",
  downlURL = None,
  prompt = True 
A routine to add a plugin to the config
Usage: self.add_plugin(pluginname, default-configfile, optional-explanation, optional-downloadlocation, optional-prompt)
def b3::setup::Setup::add_set (   self,
  explanation = "",
  silent = False 
A routine to add a setting with a textnode to the config
Usage: self.add_set(name, default value optional-explanation)
def b3::setup::Setup::backupFile (   self,
Create a backup of an existing config file 
def b3::setup::Setup::clearscreen (   self)
def b3::setup::Setup::download (   self,
  localFileName = None 
def b3::setup::Setup::equaLize (   self,
Make the setup questions same length for prettier formatting 
def b3::setup::Setup::executeSql (   self,
This method executes an external sql file on the current database
def b3::setup::Setup::extract (   self,
def b3::setup::Setup::getAbsolutePath (   self,
Return an absolute path name and expand the user prefix (~)
def b3::setup::Setup::getB3Path (   self)
def b3::setup::Setup::introduction (   self)
def b3::setup::Setup::load_template (   self)
Load an existing config file or use the packaged examples
def b3::setup::Setup::raw_default (   self,
  dflt = None 
Prompt user for input and don't accept an empty value
def b3::setup::Setup::read_element (   self,
  _default = '' 
Returns a config value in _set with attribute _value 
def b3::setup::Setup::read_plugins (   self)
Writes plugins to the config read from a template 
def b3::setup::Setup::runSetup (   self)
The main function that handles the setup steps 
def b3::setup::Setup::testExit (   self,
  _key = '',
  _question = '[Enter] to continue,
def b3::setup::Setup::url2name (   self,
def b3::setup::Setup::writebuffer (   self)
Clear the screen and write the output buffer to the screen 

Member Data Documentation

string b3::setup::Setup::_buffer = '' [static, private]
string b3::setup::Setup::_config = 'b3/conf/b3.xml' [static, private]
int b3::setup::Setup::_equaLength = 15 [static, private]
list b3::setup::Setup::_frostBite = ['bfbc2', 'moh'] [static, private]
string b3::setup::Setup::_indentation = ' ' [static, private]
list b3::setup::Setup::_PBSupportedParsers = ['cod','cod2','cod4','cod5', 'cod6', 'cod7'] [static, private]
bfbc2 and moh need to be added later when parsers correctly implemented pb.
tuple b3::setup::Setup::_pver = sys.version.split() [static, private]
string b3::setup::Setup::_template = '' [static, private]

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